You Can Be An Angel 3 你也可以是天使 3

Episodic Information

As a nurse aiding in yearly health screenings in Ai De Hospital, Ruo Jun’s  (Zoe Tay) impressive performance has impressed APN Yuan Bin (Pierre Png) , thus earning her a position to lead the Community Care Team (CCT).  Yuan Kai (Edwin Goh), Ying Jie (Joshua Tan) , Xiao Rou (Bonnie Loo), Yu Tian  (Paige Chua) ,  Si Yan (Carrie Wong) and Yao Yang (Desmond Tan) subsequently join CCT.

As they embark on this new journey together, problems start brewing. Ruo Jun’s husband went missing. To add to her shock, she finds out that he has a foster daughter who suffers from heart disease.  Yu Tian and Yao Yang are tasked to take care of their father who has abandoned the family. Yuan Bin has to face his ex-girlfriend whom he had neglected during their relationship. He is consumed with guilt upon learning that she suffers from a grave illness. Will the nurses be able to resolve their personal problems and shine in their jobs?

Cast: Zoe Tay, Pierre Png, Paige Chua, Desmond Tan, Carrie Wong, Aileen Tan, Bonnie Loo, Edwin Goh, Joshua Tan, Jazreel Low

Episode: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2018