Yours Fatefully 孤男寡女

Nobody welcomes a life of loneliness. Everybody longs for a lifelong mate to love and grow old with. Su Xiao Yi (Wang Chuan Yi) and Song Xin Xin (Jesseca Liu) are both paragons of virtue, loyal to their friends, loving towards their siblings and filial to their parents. As fate would have it, both have survived heartbreaking relationships and are also burdened with taking care of their sickly parent. Will their lives of drudgery and loneliness change for the better when they meet on an arranged blind date? This newfound love is put to the test when their respective predicaments and commitments overwhelm the relationship. Meanwhile, complications arise as their parents befriend each other at a senior citizens’ activity and fall in love, oblivious to them. What does this situation mean for the four of them? Can Xiao Yi and Xin Xin forgo their individual priorities for love?

Cast: Wang Chuan Yi, Jesseca Liu, Xiang Yun, Chen Shu Cheng, May Phua, Zen Chong, Sora Ma, Eelyn Kok, Cavin Soh

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2012